Stellar service at reasonable rates. Blair knows his stuff and takes the time to explain whats going on, and what the best options are. Since I met Blair I am no longer apprehensive to get my car fixed. Highly recommend.


As a retired mechanic myself who can no longer do my own work due to disabilities it is great to find an honest,profenial mechanic that does not cost you an arm& leg to get quality repairs. Will be getting any future repairs done by Blair Carrier. Thanks again Randy

Randy Pelletier

What a great guy...just had some questions about what may be going on with my car and he had great advise. Easy to talk to and very helpful. Thanks Blair.


BeHonest Mechanical was recommended to me by a friend who had recently got some work done. I took my car in to get my brakes done and Blair was the nicest guy ever! He showed me all of the worn out parts and made it super easy and comfortable to get this work done.

Plus, I saved $80.00!!! I would recommend him to anyone!!

     Brianna C

We would like to spread the word about our service and the amount we saved in work we have had done to a few vehicles . Blair told us exactly the problems, and effectivly and effeciently, and affordably got the work done in half the time, and money others quoted us, above all blair is a friendly kind hearted guy, who will be honest , reliable, and get the job done. We will not go anywhere else!

     Carmen Z

My van recently broke down in Grande Prairie and, knowing Blair, I nursed it down the road to Be Honest Mechanical. Really glad I did; he diagnosed the problem, fully explained it to me, then "threw some spark plugs at it", and I was back on the road! No need for a full tune-up, so only the work needed was done!

     Evans F

From Facebook Page: "Fort Saskatchewan Buy and Sell"

July 4, 2013:

Brandy L
Does anyone know of a good Mechanic in the fort ?

Justine W

In the fort.
Blair-BeHonest Mechanical

LeeAnn D

BeHonest Mechanical
Great prices, great service. Honest guy. Can't say enough

Cecilia I

We use Be Honest Mechanical. Love the service, great prices and never an issue with his work. His name is Blair and his phone number is 780-499-7164

Lisette B

Justin and LeeAnn are totally right Blair has been so helpful to me with my GMC truck:) he was their for me when I was stranded and couldn't start my truck . I have so many Great things to say about him and the work that he does:D

Tammy M

Blair- Be Honest Mechanical 780-499-7164 awesome service!

Vanessa L

I have only ever used - BeHonest Mechanical
Blair Carriere 780-499-7164 AMAZING and the name says it all! HONEST

Heather P

BeHonest Mechanical Blair 499-7164 awesome guy!!!

Carrie P

Blair, Blair, Blair!! Be honest mechanical is exactly what he says he is! Honest reliable and personable